Handling Small Claims Debts with sbA

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal or QCAT has among other things (including residential tenancy disputes) dealt with small debts issues since 2009, having taken over the role from the Small Debts Court at the time. QCAT is an independent body and in the case of small debts can only deal with these types of complaints to a maximum of $25,000.

If you find yourself receiving a QCAT application which claims that you owe money as a debtor, it is important that you not only take note of the 28 day time limit within which to lodge your response, but that you also seek legal advice in respect to how you should respond when doing so.

If you fail to lodge a response with QCAT within that time period, the creditor may be able to ask that the Tribunal make an order in your absence in what is known as a default judgement. In such circumstances interest on the debt and the legal costs of the applicant may be added in and form part of the order to pay the amount of the debt.

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