Appealing Ruling with sbA

If any party is unhappy with decisions affecting them made by a court or tribunal or registrar then there are often avenues of "appealing" those decisions and there are also usually very strict time frames imposed to make the appeal.

It is important to obtain the right advice promptly to ensure that you make firstly the decision on whether or not you should appeal (eg where there are grounds, how likely are your prospects of success, what are the costs, whether the benefits of appeal are outweighed by other factors such as costs and impact on relationships).  Should you decide to appeal then you will need to do so in a timely manner and in accordance with the strict rules and provisions of the relevant act.

Whilst of course our aim is primarily focused on having outcomes and results for our clients that do not require them to go through an appeal process, we have the capacity to provide capable assistance and representative if you require such services.

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