Child Support Agreements with sbA

Both parents are responsible for the financial support (maintenance) of their children. That responsibility is not changed by:

  • separation and divorce;
  • where the children live or the amount of time they spend with a parent; and
  • the remarriage of one or both parents.

A court considers child support and parenting issues separately.  A court’s role in child support matters arises mostly where there is an appeal from a child support agency ruling or determination.  Generally most child support issues are dealt with within the framework now of the Child Support legislation (Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 and its Rules and Regulations.

There are many occasions where the initial “formula” assessment has not taken other relevant matters into account.

Getting the right legal advice is important whether as an overall consideration of all the issues arising following a breakdown in your relationship or birth of your child if not in a relationship, or following an assessment.

Parents can also enter into a Limited Child Support Agreement or a Binding Child Support Agreement.

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