Financial Consent Orders with sbA

If you and your former spouse or partner have reached an agreement or wish to reach agreement with regards to your property, financial, spouse maintenance, children or other matters, the next step is to formalise that agreement to ensure it is legally binding. At sbA our aim is to assist you throughout the entire process and to ensure your agreement will be finalised promptly.

These are 1 of the 2 main and most cost efficient means of formalising an agreement reached and which option you choose will depend on what best suits your circumstances.

This process does not involve going to Court unless you have already started a court action. 

An Application form is lodged together with the draft consent orders you want approved by the court.  The draft consent orders are in accordance with the agreement you have reached and great care must be taken when drafting, to ensure that rights are protected as well as able to be enforced.

Consent Orders made on a final basis, whether by consent or otherwise, require court scrutiny and cannot be changed unless there are very good reasons such as fraud.

To discuss your matter with our staff, please contact us either by phone on (07) 3359 2166 or contact us online.

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