Court Applications and Litigation with sbA

Where your matter has not been able to be resolved by any of the alternative dispute resolutions means then you will need to consider whether to proceed to court and litigate.  Sometimes, there are very good reasons as to why alternative dispute methods are not suitable and you may then have to consider whether to proceed to court by-passing the alternative dispute resolution means.

In most cases even when you proceed to court, it is usually possible, at some stage of the litigation, to consider engaging or re-engaging in alternative dispute resolution.

Going to court is not easy and is costly and is often totally different to parties’ expectations.  For these reasons we consider it important to guide you with care and empathy and respect through this challenging process having regard to your individual needs and circumstances.  Sometimes we will refer you to other experts or engage other experts on your behalf to help and guide you through your court process.

To see our professional staff, please contact us either by phone on (07) 3359 2166 or email us.

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