How To Make A Will with sbA

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In order to make an Will you need to consider who you may wish to choose as your Executor and Trustees as well as those to whom you wish to give your estate to.  An Executor and Trustee is appointed to oversee the process of distributing your estate, so they should be people that you can trust.

You then need to consider who you want to give your estate to.

If you have children who are under the age of 18 years you will also need to consider who you may wish to appoint as their guardians, should you and your spouse both pass away.

The Will provides an opportunity for you to provide instructions for your funeral arrangements and also whether you wish to have any of your bodily organs provided for research or for organ donor.

The inclusion of a Testamentary Trust will also provide your Trustees with details flexibility to distribute the inheritance of the beneficiaries as well as provides tax advantages.

We recommend that you consider having at least two Executors to manage your estate in the event that one is unable or unwilling to fulfil that role.  Similarly we consider it prudent to have more than one beneficiary to enable your estate to be fully distributed.

Getting divorced or getting married or re-married will require you to make a new Will.  If an executor or beneficiary dies you will also need to review your Will and make a new one.  As a matter of course, Wills should be reviewed at least once every 2 to 3 years to ensure it is up to date.

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